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Bella Lash Full Set
Offered in Classic, Hybrid, and Volume. This service is an extension of the lash making them appear longer and fuller. As your lashes naturally shed, fills will be required every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking their best!


Bella Lash Fill
Due to your lashes’ natural shed cycle, you will need to have a lash fill every 1-3 weeks to keep them looking long, full, and selfie-ready! Longer than 3 weeks will result in a charge equivalent to a full set.


Lash Lift & Tint
A perming of the natural lash to lift and spread your lashes. This service comes with a tint as well, which dyes the lash a dark black. This leaves your natural lash looking long, lifted, full, and you may find yourself not needing mascara!


Lash Tint
Dye your natural lashes to deepen them and make them appear fuller. This does NOT include a lash lift.


Brow Tint
Dye your eyebrows to deepen them and make them appear fuller. This gives the brows a “filled in” look that helps reduce the need for makeup.


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