We’re treating you to some of our seasonal favorites.


Simmer down and unwind while your distressed feet soak in our blood orange and grapefruit infused pedicure. Your legs and feet will be exfoliated to reveal your soft skin with a grapefruit sugar scrub. Warm towels to soothe your legs while sipping on our delicious Orange Sangrita and getting the perfect polished toes. 


Lavender Facial

Spring into a new season with a renewing skin treatment. Your skin is lightly exfoliated and gently nourishing with the finest organic and botanical skincare from Germany. Lavender calms, balances, and rescues the skin from dehydrating effects of winter. Argan Oil and Amaranth infused masks plump moisture-deprived skin to leave you with a bright, refined glow.

70 minutes – $80

Tropical Body Scrub + Massage

Smooth away rough and dry skin with an exfoliating coconut sugar scrub with exotic oils. Hydrate and restore your skin with a soothing one hour massage using tropical body oil and silk souffle, leaving your skin healthy, happy, and vacation ready!

90 minutes – $120

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