In this hectic world where harmony has become a luxury, allowing body and mind to come together as one is a priority. These three Yon-Ka customized treatments were created to address specific needs for an overall approach to balance and well-being.

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Swedish Massage
Full body massage focused on relaxation and rejuvenation.

30 minutes $52
60 minutes $88
90 minutes $124
120 minutes $144

Deep Tissue Massage
Full body massage that goes deeper into the muscle for therapy work that focuses on pain management and deep muscle therapy.

30 minutes $62
60 minutes $104
90 minutes $144
120 minutes $204

The Retreat Scrub & Massage
Customized seasonal scrub & Swedish Massage. Includes a full body scrub followed by a full body massage. This helps remove any dead skin on the body making you smooth and refreshed!

90 minutes $140

The Retreat Detox Wrap
This body treatment begins with a full body scrub to remove any dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. Your massage therapist will then apply a mud mask to the entire body and wrap you in a sheet and thermal blanket. The mud mask helps to draw out any impurities and toxins. This will leave your body feeling soothed and refreshed.

75 minutes $120

Full body massage focusing on hands and feet. This massage features a hand and foot sugar scrub, with a hand and foot acupressure massage. Helps to boost your vitality and eliminate stress.

90 minutes $154

Aroma-Hot Stones
This massage features a sugar scrub on the back and indulgent back massage. The experience is boosted with hot volcanic stones. Helps to relax and relieve tension and stress in the back, as well as relieve the mind.

90 minutes $154

Pregnancy Massage
Full body massage catered to the needs of moms to be and their ever changing bodies.

30 minutes $60
60 minutes $92

Couples Swedish Massage

Pregnancy Massage
Full body massage catered to the needs of moms to be and their ever changing bodies.

60 minutes $180
90 minutes $250

Enjoy the benefits of cupping, an ancient form of alternative medicine. Aids in inflammation, increases the blood flow, loosens the fascia and connective tissue to stimulate the healing process and draw blood to the surface of the skin.

45 minutes $54

This Gua Sha Scraping Treatment is an ancient form of alternative medicine that uses a Gua Sha board to help aid in improving local microcirculation, swelling, and pain. This helps to enhance disease resistance and immunity within the body.

30 minutes $48

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