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*All services are customized for each client. Initial pricing includes one touch up. Results typically last 1-2 years and can be maintained through annual touchups.


  • For at least two weeks prior to your appointment do not use botox or other injections, Retin A products, Vitamin A, Retinol Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) in the area to be treated and be sure to avoid excessive sun or tanning bed exposure. 
  • For at least one week prior to your appointment please avoid using any harsh treatments in the area, fish oil or Vitamin E supplements.  Do not pluck, wax, shave, thread or tint the area during this time.

  • For 48 hours before your appointment do not use oil based skin products in the area to be treated.  Please avoid aspirin, niacin, Vitamin E, skin/hair/nail supplements and Advil/ibuprofen during this time.  You may take ACETAMINOPHEN/TYLENOL before your procedure if you would like to for pain management.  

  • For 24 hours before your appointment avoid alcohol and caffeine as they are natural blood thinners.  Do not work out during this time.
  • Please be aware that those who are pregnant, nursing, under 18, diabetic with healing issues, and those with disorders causing healing issues are not candidates for microblading or PMU.


  • Apply cold packs to the area following the procedure (cool, but don’t freeze).

  • Blot brows OFTEN following the procedure and for up to 24 hours to lift any weeping and to prevent buildup (this will help to prevent scabbing).
  • Ointment application will vary from person to person.  Apply a very thin layer of provided ointment ONLY when brows are feeling dry for as many days as necessary.  For some, this could mean applying once per day for three days, and for others it could mean applying multiple times per day for 1-2 weeks.

  • Wait about 24 hours before washing your brows.  Use a small amount of gentle cleanser (Cetaphil, purpose, basic hand soap, baby soap, etc) and water to cleanse.  Use gentle agitation (this will not remove pigment), gentle rinse and pat dry.  Wash the rest of your face and your brows separately to avoid getting excessive dirt, oils, makeup into your brows from the rest of your face.  Do not get your brows wet for one week other than this once daily cleaning.

  • Do not sleep on your brows for one week.

  • No products other than the provided ointment should be applied to your brows for one week.

  • No direct sun exposure on your brow area for two weeks.  Hats are your friends!  Sunscreen can be used after one week.

  • No abrasive products or being rough on your brows for two weeks.  This includes rubbing, wiping, scratching, acidic products, retinoids, dermabrasion products, lasers, peels or any other products or actions that would encourage cell turnover.
  • DO NOT, pick, pull, peel any flakes or scabs.  You may tap on them for itch relief – DO NOT scratch!

  • Be patient through the healing process.  They will get darker during the first couple of days, then gradually lighten.  You may see some flakes of skin or a little scabbing in the first week.  They will seem visibly healed after this, but will only be considered fully healed at 4 weeks.  You may notice a cloudy (or even disappearing) effect at 2 or 3 weeks, but they will resurface in a few days! 

  • Follow Ups should happen between 4 and 8 weeks after the initial appointment.  This appointment will be used to reinforce pigment, make color and shape adjustments if needed, and to fill in empty spots.  This is considered your “perfecting” session!

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